Steelco Washers

Steelco Dental Washer Disinfectors are an efficient aid for the cleaning and thermal disinfection of all dental instruments and accessories.

They exclude the professional risk due to handling contaminated instruments. By using Steelco Dental Washer Disinfectors, the dental professional has only to take care of the loading of the material and the selection of the cycle: all the rest – pre-wash, washing, thermal disinfection, hot air drying – is provided by the machines. At the end of the cycle all the instruments are ready for sterilisation without any further handling.

Steelco washers for lifescience applications are at the forefront of knowledge and research guaranteeing the user tested and consistently efficient washing results. Steelco offers a large range of machines, baskets and inserts which have been specially developed to meet the user needs. Steelco Washers/Disinfector For More Information.

Steelco Washer Disinfectors









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